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Based in Toronto, BRANDynamix is an all-inclusive branding agency with a small team that packs a punch. There isn’t only one way to approach a problem, and considering what makes a brand unique is the very thing that will set it apart. Our style lies in looking at a brand holistically, what it stands for, what it wants to achieve, who its community is and what it is they care about.

We understand that building a solid foundation is key to creating a flexible adaptability that can navigate the trends and changing landscape of this digital era. An authentic brand is a successful brand. That is where we journey with you in exploring, identifying, embracing and communicating your truth.


The visual representation of our values is inherited in the ampersand. It honours inclusivity and alludes to more. It is a symbol that stands for connection, tying in our clients’ values with our own and, in turn, connecting them to their audience. It is a logogram of conjunction – not only of words but also emotions, meaning and a sense of belonging. We understand that adapting is the best way to navigate today’s landscape as a brand. That is why we adopt a “yes, and” philosophy and approach to branding, allowing for more possibilities in an ever-changing world.

Briarwood Business Park |
Suite 300 - 406 North Service Road E. |
Oakville, ON L6H 5R2